“One of my favorite projects that I worked on with Mary is a book, Dreams for My Daughter. She took evocative copy and laid out what has become one of our consistently bestselling titles. When she was strapped for resources and assets, Mary added her own drawings to existing art to create a fresh new take on a classic styling. I am convinced that Mary’s design is the reason consumers pick this book up every week.”

—Delia Berrigan Fakis, Editorial Director, Hallmark

“I was impressed by Mary’s work ethic when she often completed more than what was expected of her. Many times she took the initiative to start working on projects without having to be told. Mary was always nice to everyone at the office, and everyone appreciated having her around.”

—Susan Logcher, Principal, HelloPrints

“At Hallmark she was successful in developing the Jingle franchise and maintaining strong visual design throughout several formats. Her success with Jingle sparked multiple product ideas and business opportunities including apps, movies, puzzles and other book and plush product lines. Mary is always great at working on multiple projects and completing them on schedule. She has strong communication skills and an eye for detail. She has a strong visioon and is able to direct illustrators and photographers to create quality artwork. She is always prompt, hard working and has a strong sense of design.”

—Brian Pilachowski, Press Monkey

“I have worked with many designers and art directors during my publishing career, and she stands out among them. Mary has outstanding work ethic and abilities. She is, by far, the most pro-active designer I have ever worked with. She is an excellent collaborator and generator of ideas. Even while juggling an overload of titles, she still managed to make time to come up with ideas for “the next best thing.” You can see her level of quality and dedication to the brand and product by the sheer number of best selling books she helped create.”

—Emily Osborn, Editor, American Girl

“At Phillips Design Group, Mary proved to be extremely dedicated and hard working. She helped us on projects from concept and art direction, through design development and presentations. She was a delight to have in our office.”

—Alison Goudreault, Creative Director, i see ideas

“Of particular value to me as Editorial Director was Mary’s ability to think and work conceptually, coming up with new ideas and ways to bring freshness to product. Mary is able to understand the tone of the editorial and create a compelling design that enhances the writing, making cohesive and visually-stunning packages.”

—Carrie Bolin, Managing Editor, Ripley Entertainment

“I was pleased by Mary’s ability to complete all work assigned to her on time if not before it was due. Her research was thorough and comprehensive which she completed with a positive attitude.”

—Coco Qiu, Design Director, Philippe Becker Design Inc.


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